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Blinded By The Light

Heepo, The Space Alien visits Earth

Rochester, NY- What would you do if you had an encounter with an alien? This is a question that doesn’t cross our minds regularly or in my case, at all. While enjoying my night off, I decided to go star gazing. As I was looking above I noticed a very bright star. It started coming closer and closer and I began to think that it was coming straight at me.

As soon as blinked, I realized it wasn’t just a star or a planet or an airplane, but it was a UFO. Once it landed, a strange look alien creature crawled out of it. He introduced himself as Heepo, and he came to earth to discover the world of what we call public relations.

Heepo explained to me why he was so interested in public relations. In his world, they don’t have any thoughts to themselves. Therefore, whatever you are thinking it is automatically put out there. Public relations isn’t possible on his planet. Heepo wanted to know what public relations was and how it’s important in the United States. I answered all of his questions in detail using my WordPress blog. I hope that Heepo will take away from our encounter how amazing public relations is. I gave him two books that I have read during my time in the public relation class at St. John Fisher College. These books include Stuart Ewen’s PR! A Social History of Spin and Tom Kelleher’s Public Relations Online.


Make sure to tell your friends using Twitter or Facebook all about Heepo’s visit. He said he would be back very soon! And if you do see him–let us know!