Question 3
Public relations exists for a lot of reasons. Without it, we would’t be able to continue in most of the business practices today. If your company was ever to get into trouble with the public, who would take care of it if it wasn’t for public relations? Many scholars feel the history of public relations started during the Revolutionary War. The many activities of the Patriots and the staging of the Boston Tea Party might be the first public relations events in the United States.
The real start of public relations can be accredited to Edward L. Bernays. During World War I, The Creel Committee, of which Bernays was a member, engaged in a massive verbal and written communications campaign to gain support for the war. Bernays, who is considered by many to be the father of public relations, was instrumental in creating positive public relations in the US. The future of public relations will be much different than its history.
First, social media networks like Facebook and Twitter spread information much faster and reach many more people. The viral effect causes almost immediate transmission of information across the networks. This could create more spin and dark public relations because of the ease of transmitting. I think people will become more wary of all public relations and will become more suspicious of information posted on social networks, but I do think that more and more companies will continue to use public relations.