Question 1

Heepo was not very familiar with the concept of manipulation. I had to explain to home how important manipulation is in the art of public relations. Some believe that the public relations work is all about fooling the human mind. A public relations professional needs to deliver a specific message from the  brand or company that they are working with. It is unusual for them to communicate a bad message. No matter how much negative backlash the company is receiving, the p.r. person is required to deal with it. It is important for them to perceive the message as a good and well-thought out one, even if it might not be the case.

To go into further explanation, I told Heepo about the BP scandal. I explained how it was important for the company to start manipulating the public to think that they were doing good for the earth after the oil spill.

Businesses are constantly using the manipulating tactic to show that they are better than their competitors. For an example, check out this commercial featuring Pizza Hut and Papa Johns.

Manipulation is inevitable because they need to convince the public that their company is great. It is up to us as the receivers to decide what is genuine and what is not.