Question 2 
In my own words, public relations is the connection of an organization and the public by controlling the information from the organization to the public. This flow of information is usually initiated by the company to the public and gives information that does not require payment by the company to the media that is delivering the message. This strategic communication has a goal of developing a positive relationship between the company and the public.
I think of public relations as the best way to tell the public about a company to create a positive image of the company. The role of public relations in the United States, which is a democracy in which the flow of information is not controlled, is changing. The rise in popularity of social media has increased the speed of communications, so public relations experts, in many cases, will no longer be able to control the time or outlet for their information. The viral effect of social networks requires that public relations personnel continually monitor these networks.  At the same time, the role of public relations is also an expanding one in the United States. More companies, groups and politicians are relying on public relations to get the good news out.